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Kidlat Records produces music in several genres, including trance, house music, chill music, world beat, Afro-Cuban and New Age. The imprint label was founded by Carlos "GoGo" Gomez and features his work and work from other artists from around the world. Kidlat Records is dedicated to Unity through global rhythm and seeks to advance this mission through recording and live music performances.

Carlos "GoGo" Gomez is a percussionist, composer, educator with a unique diverse and experimental style of music. Whether in live performances, films or on his albums, Gomez maintains a busy schedule in the effort to promote New Age music. Gomez has performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry and film scoring.

Gomez's New Paradigm Global Music provides a unique journey into trance music, house, world beat, New Age music and Afro-Cuban. Listen to samples of songs and purchase the entire CD or individual songs from the album. For Homenaje Al Asamatico Gomez is joined by an ensemble of bata associates to produce Afro-Cuban percussion sounds that are unique in their simplicity and complexity.

If you are interested in becoming an artist with Kidlat Records or want additional information about a yoga music artist booking or New World music artist bookings, please browse our website to learn more about Kidlat Records. You can buy music and merchandise , read news and find information about upcoming events in NY, NJ and CT, and contact us for additional information about our services.

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